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Backyard Tips

Create your own backyard paradise with these helpful planting tips.

Swimming pools need bold landscape plantings that match their scale. Many ornamental grasses, annuals, perennials, tropical plants, shrubs and small trees fill the bill. Here are some pointers to help you enhance your poolside retreat:

Keep it sunny. Avoid trees that cast heavy shade on the pool or sitting area, except in hot summer climates. Select plants that thrive in full-sun conditions.

Jazz up the colors. Choose plants that offer colorful foliage or bloom during the swimming months, such as a combination of pincushion flower and New Zealand flax.

Keep it clean. Avoid trees and plants that drop lots of leaves, flowers, fruit or sticky sap. Use round gravel as mulch instead of loose bark, shredded leaves or seed hulls. The gravel will not wash out during rainstorms.

Go easy. Use low-maintenance native and locally adapted plants that require little attention.

Create privacy. Plant vines on a pergola, trellis or fence to block neighbors’ views of the pool.

Put it in pots. Use decorative containers, singly or in groups, to display seasonal or tropical plants. Hang baskets from posts and walls.