BioGuard® Algae Complete®

The one algicide that keeps your pool clear all season long

Every pool owner has experienced algae problems at some point. It’s almost inevitable, with wind, sun and heat conspiring to create conditions where water becomes a breeding ground for those pesky little spores.


There is a simple, single solution for any type of algae problem you may encounter. Algae Complete® from BioGuard.


This dual-action formula provides a wide spectrum of algae-killing ability by combining the proven powers of polyquat and copper-based active ingredients. It’s highly effective on the most common types found in swimming pools – basic green algae, the more stubborn mustard variety and even tough black algae.


It can be used as both a preventative and a remedy solution so there’s no need to buy and use multiple products. All of this algae-fighting power comes in a value-sized 72 oz. bottle, meaning you’ll have plenty to keep your water protected over a full season, plus a bit left over if needed to clean things up.


Simply pour in the recommended dose by using the handy measuring cap and Algae Complete® will go to work, delivering solid results in as soon as 24 hours. Unlike lesser algicides, Algae Complete® does not foam and the copper is chelated, so it can’t drop out of solution and potentially stain your pool surfaces.


If you cringe at the thought of algae popping up in your pool at the worst moment, Algae Complete® offers the peace of mind that algae won’t mess up your pool plans.